The World Championship

which will take place later this year, will be the culmination of more than 30 eSports events run by Blizzard and tournament organizers.

Upcoming Changes to Matchmaking

The Matchmaking system is undergoing new changes for better player experience.


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Fear MarineKing in Las Vegas

MKP got off to a good start at IPL4, defeating both White-Ra and Stephano in his group. Meanwhile, Nestea lived up to his reputation by defeating both TAiLS and aLive.

Friday, July 20, 2012

MLG Summer Starcraft II Arena begins today.

The Major League Gaming 2012 Summer Arena will begin today! The Starcraft tournament will have a total of 32 qualified players from all over the world, including the top 8 players coming from the Spring Championship and the top finishers of NA, EU, and KR online qualifiers. For the first time, the stream will be streamed for FREE on standard quality due to a special sponsorship from Full Sail University.  The first round match-up will be revealed tonight 9PM EST on the MLG site.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Season 8: New map changes!

Season 8, which begins the week of June 11, will bring with it some changes to the 1v1 and 2v2 map pools. In season 7, we experimented with a larger 1v1 map pool. After reviewing player feedback, we’ll be returning to a pool of 8 maps. We will continue to maintain a heavy focus on tournament viable 1v1 maps, and that thought process has influenced our decisions regarding which maps will be removed from the ladder for Season 8.

The new maps are playable now! You can experience them via the custom game interface now, and they’ll join the ladder when the new season starts next week.

1v1 map pool

Map being added:

(4) Condemned Ridge

We’ve received feedback from our higher levels players that rotationally symmetric macro maps can be difficult to deal with for certain races when they spawn at certain points. On the other hand, non-rotationally symmetric maps are not common on the tournament circuits. To add variety, we’re introducing a new symmetric, potentially tournament viable map, suitable for macro style play.

The map hasn’t been finalized yet, and we would like to hear your opinions about how it plays before the Season 8 begins. Your feedback is appreciated!

Update 12/06/2012: We have decided to remove rocks from Condemned Ridge. Thank you for your feedback.

Maps being removed:

This season, tournament viability was our primary criteria regarding whether a map remained on the ladder or not, though map balance is also always a consideration.

(4) Metalopolis
Metalopolis simply isn’t being used in tournaments anymore, and this map has some balance issues as well. (4)Metropolis LE is an improved version of this map that will see use in a future ladder season.

(4) Korhal Compound LE
This map was one of the winners of the Team Liquid Map Contest. While we were pleased to make this addition to the ladder, unfortunately, Korhal Compound hasn’t gained traction in the tournament scene. In addition, this version of Korhal Compound also has some balance issues.

We'll continue to watch Korhal Compound Tournament Edition, and if it gains traction in tournaments then that version of the map may come back to the ladder in the future.

2v2 map pool
The 2v2 map pool will continue to feature maps with close spawn positions. Main difference in this format is we’re not aiming for a 100% fortress style maps only, and including a semi fortress map also. In team games, we try to make the gameplay and layout of maps relatively simple to ease coordination between teammates. The maps should mostly be self-explanatory using the screenshots. Like Condemned Ridge these maps aren’t final, and we welcome your feedback.

Maps being added:

(4) Molten Crater

This map is a semi fortress style map.

(4) Desolate Stronghold

This map is a fortress style map lacking easy expansion within the fortress area.

Maps being removed:

(4) Discord IV

(4) High Orbit

While we did not feel that the feel that the existing 2v2 map pool suffered from any significant issues, we wanted to breathe some new life into the ladder pool. Since we wanted to stay with an 8 map pool in this bracket, it became necessary to remove a pair of the older maps.

We plan to both introduce new maps to the 2v2 pool on occasion as well as potentially cycle old map back into rotation, so even though these two maps are gone for now, they could return in future seasons.

New map changes are now in place for Season 8! Stronghold and Molten Core are now part of the map pooling for the match-make.